April 07, 2005

B-Movie Film Festival

The Beauty Scene Outlaws are scheduled to perform Friday, April 8th at the
Half Penny Pub at 321 West Fayette Street.
We are tentatively scheduled to play first at around 10:00 pm.

Also scheduled to appear are...

Small Girl Boils Water
The Mandate Of Heaven
Eleventh Plague
Potsie (if they don't "Pull a Potsie" on us.)

This is a VIP Party for attendees of the 2005 B-Movie Film Festival at the newly renovated Eastwood Palace Theater but I believe everyone is welcome.

Apologies to the "La Familiade la Salsa/Baila Tango/Havanna Nights" dance class we are displacing. Feel free to come and dance the Salsa anyway.


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