June 18, 2004

Ex-Wallmen Variety Showcase

Get ready for a NormApalooza!

On Saturday, June 26th, 2004 at 9pm The 1/2 Penny Pub (formerly the Stag Hotel) at 321 West Fayette Street Presents "Normtober Fest" - 4 Bands 3 of them featuring our Normie in one way or another. Wallmen guitarist Sean Curly will be visiting our fair city that night and will be performing as The Midget and in the reunited Druggies as well.

The Coogles
The Midget
Small Girl Boils Water
The Druggies

Can a Wallmen reunion be avoided? Be There!

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June 02, 2004


The Beauty Scene Outlaws are scheduled to make a rare live appearance on Friday, June 4th at the 1/2 Penny Pub (formerly The Stag) at 321 West Fayette Street as part of the Son of Sammys show. We are tentatively scheduled to play around 9:00 pm. Also scheduled to appear are our pals Small Girl Boils Water, Potsie and Thunderosa plus many others.


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